24 Hour Read-A-Thon: Lunchtime!

Hour 5 Mini-Challenge:

So over the next few hours let me know if you happen across any passages of food in your reading or you can also flip through some of the books in your Read-A-Thon stack(s) and find me a passage where the characters describe what they are eating or when they are actually eating – write up a post with the book, author, your selected passage and a picture of one of the dishes.

Chapati and Vegetables

From Iqbal, by Francesco D’Adamo (page 8):

When we finally stopped for lunch we were dulled by fatigue. We dragged ourselves out into the courtyard and sat in the sun around the well to eat our chapati and vegetables and drink water, because our throats were dry and full of lint. Very few of us had enough energy to talk or laugh. Our break lasted an hour, but our hunger a good deal longer. Then we went back into the workroom, while Hussain Khan and his wife retired into their house to escape the heat of the afternoon.

And … just to spice it up, here’s what I’m eating for lunch:

Halal kolbassa-style sausage (turkey and chicken based), brie, and whole wheat crackers.

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