24 Hour Read-A-Thon: In Which I Am Alone

Well, Zaid has gone to bed now, so I’m awake all on my own at this point.

Hopefully I can keep myself up for the last two hours, and I really hope to finish The Watchmen in that time.

Hour 23 Mini-Challenge:

The challenge is to post in your blog the best cliffhanger you’ve come across in your reading marathon so far.

You know, the kind of cliffhanger that ups the stakes, ratchets the action, asks a life-changing question, hints at a mystery just about to be solved…

The kind of cliffhanger that, even if it were the very end of Hour 24, you’d keep reading just to find out what happens next.

This one’s from November Blues by Sharon Draper, which I just finished reading in the last hour.

And suddenly the baby was out.

“It’s a girl,” November heard a voice say clearly. It might have been Nurse Yee.

“But she’s not breathing! Suction!” another voice said. November wanted to lift her head and see what was going on, but she had no strength.

“Come on, little lady, breathe for me!” another voice implored. Aren’t babies supposed to cry when they’re born? November thought fearfully. Why isn’t she crying?

“I have a heartbeat – but it’s weak.”

“Page Dr. Massey immediately.”

November looked pleadingly from face to face. What’s wrong? Please tell me what’s wrong! Where’s my mom!

Tears in her eyes, she tried to speak, but she couldn’t seem to remember how to talk. She found she had nothing left – not even the strength for a word or a prayer. She passed out.

So many of the chapters in that book end in a lovely state of suspense, but I had to pick just one of them.

Back to reading!

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