24 Hour Read-A-Thon: Early Morning Edition

I just finished reading November Blues by Sharon Draper. Review post will be up shortly.

Hour 19 Mini-Challenge:

As part of this challenge I want you to name your favorite independent store and why.

My absolute favourite independent bookstore is the Toronto Women’s Bookstore. The first experience I had with the TWB was in first year university, when I had to go there to get a couple of the readers and novels for my courses. I’ve been in love with it ever since!

I love the feel of the store – it’s cozy and tightly packed, and the people who work there are always smiling and willing to help you find something or give you suggestions. They cover a wide variety of queer-positive, anti-oppression materials of all kinds, from books to magazines to workshops and book signings. The very simplified version of their mission statement is: “To provide books by women writers, especially marginalized women, including women of colour, First Nations women, lesbians, other queer women, working class women, disabled women, Jewish women, and all other groups of women.” You can read their full mission statement here.

Sadly, right now they are in the process of re-structuring and trying to find someone to buy the business, because they have been on the brink of closing down for months now. The only reason the TWB has managed to stay open past the end of 2009 was through community donations. I really hope that they manage to find a way to stay afloat – they’re a Toronto icon!

Hour 20 Mini-Challenge:

For this challenge, we want to read about or see the foods and drinks that are keeping you awake and reading. Possibilities include answering one or a few of the following questions. What’s your reading fuel? And how much of this food or drink have you consumed during the readathon? Do you have a story of how you’ve had to work to get your page-turning hands on that food or drink? Have a picture to post about the disgusting, satisfying and secret munchie that’s keeping your eyes open? Have you recruited a family member to be your food servant? Are you actually considering using an IV of caffeine?

So far today, I have eaten:

  • a row of Pirate peanut butter cookies for breakfast (see this post)
  • halal kolbassa, brie, and whole wheat crackers for lunch (see this post)
  • pizza and some chips while at games night
  • a bit of chocolate
  • a banana a few minutes ago
  • loads of tea (caffeinated), juice (no caffeine), diet coke (caffeinated), and diet root beer (no caffeine)

I’ve also got some more chocolate kicking around the house, as well as the remainder of one of the bags of chips (french onion SunChips) from games night, that I will probably be tackling soon.

On to my next book!

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